Inspire and Be Inspired

     Everybody wants to be inspired. I think everyone needs to be inspired at some point or at different times in their lives. We can be inspired by a movie, an event, or a speech. Sometimes we can even be inspired by a song. In baseball, for me, the only thing more important than competing with and against other players is to be inspired by them. I think back to my younger days watching players like Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Mickey Mantle… they weren’t only great players, they were also inspiring players. They played the game with passion. They were leaders by example. They not only made the players around them better, but made young players like myself want to be great players.


      As I got older, I wanted to be that player that inspired my teammates by always showing up and wanting to be the guy in the late innings with the opportunity to win a game, always encouraging my teammates to play well, and picking them up when they didn’t. That’s why I always cheered for my teammates because the only way I can continue to be inspiring is I always have be inspired.


      So all you young players out there should aspire to be inspiring to your teammates by working and playing hard, being accountable for your mistakes, being approachable, and giving positive advice when a teammate asks for constructive criticism. Hustle on and off the field, and above all, keep a positive attitude even when things are not gong well for you or the team. Be an inspiration for your team, the fans, and the game of baseball. Players don’t have to be angry to compete. Good competitors inspire. Anger just creates tension.


Leon Lee

Talking Baseball with Leon Lee
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