As the saying goes, "the person that knows how, will always have a job.  But the person that knows why will be the leader." In baseball, their are times when the manager will select a player to act as the captain of the team. But there is a big difference between a captain and a leader. A leader usually leads by example. The way he carries himself. The natural leader will show a high level of responsibility, being on time, staying calm in pressure situations, getting along well with his teammates.


      A captain may be the team spokesman or may even just be the guy with the most experience. But I believe a good leader on the the team is much more important than a captain. A good leader is always the manager's dream, because he knows the other players will have a tendency to draw to him. That's not always the case for the captain of the team.


      Major league scouts are always looking for players with good leadership skills. It is an intangible that really can't be taught but is a huge asset to any organization. In professional baseball, the player with good leadership qualities will always have a job, because even if that player doesn't make it to the major leagues as a player, he will be considered as a future coach, manager, scout, or even a general manager.


     I really believe that young players that possess good leadership qualities, also play better because they don't get as tense under pressure and keep a higher level of confidence and don't get as rattled when they have a few bad games. A good leader will also support their teammates and not be jealous of them if they are performing a little better at the time.


      I know myself, when I played, I really cheered for my teammates. Because the better they played, the more inspired I became. We all play better when we are inspired. Young players, I want you to aspire to be inspired to be a leader. So, be a student of the game, get knowledge, and be the player that not only knows how, but also knows why.

Talking Baseball with Leon Lee
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